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Turbo Medic is an EMS study and training vault. It provides exclusive access to content for providers at any level from brand new EMS professionals to seasoned providers. Think of it as having an entire EMS library at your fingertips when ever you want. Members have access to study documents, reports and entire textbooks on just about any EMS subject. Imagine being able to look up a topic you are struggling with or research something you encountered on your last call. Watch hours of video and listen to powerful audio on a variety of subjects all geared to build your knowledge and make you a better EMS professional
As a paramedic for the past 26 years I know how not having the right study material and trying to decide which material to use is frustrating. This is why Turbo Medic was created with your success in mind. I know exactly what EMS professionals need. Premium content like practice exams, live trainings, recorded webinars and more. Makes Turbo Medic an all in one resource you can use throughout your EMS career.

“Great case study review, I think that it might be more beneficial for medics working the streets. I do however see the benefit to medics in school if they are willing to look up things that may not be clear. I just briefly looked at 3 cases and learned tons of new stuff. Thanks for making me think!”

“Who Is Turbo Medic For?

EMS Students

If you’re a paramedic or EMT student, you’ve got a lot on your plate. You can’t afford to spend all your time on studying…yet you know just how crucial proper study is to your success. You’ll benefit tremendously from the quick & actionable content available and the knowledge you build inside Turbo Medic will help you take your new EMS career to the next level.

Seasoned EMS Professionals

If you’re an experienced EMS professional, it’s your duty to keep up-to-date on the latest treatment and skills in EMS. In fact you need to be well versed in all things EMS to be the best provider you can be. After all, what if a patient you come across presents with something you have never seen before or may not encounter on a regular basis? As a Turbo Medic member, you’ll be well equipped to handle any such situation…and of course, you’re also in a prime position to deliver the best possible care and results for your patients.

Learning the conduction of the heart with great graphics is a true learning, step by step. Thank you” – R. Perez

“Great graphics. I love the way you point out the different areas of the brain on the last graphic picture. Thanks” – R. Parrington

“Good thorough review. Great idea to flex the testing muscles before the big day.” – J. Knapp

“It’s Like Netflix For EMS!”

As a TM Member, you’ll get instant, ON-DEMAND access to the entire library of study and training resources. You can use this “EMS Vault” to tap into new content you want to understand, or increase your knowledge on tested and proven subjects you want to now master. Here are just some of the subjects you’re about to access…

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • 12 hours of video training on Cardiology and Respiratory
  • How to start IVs, IOs and drug therapy
  • Pharmacology audios, videos and downloads
  • How to read ECGs
  • How to listen to heart and lung sounds
  • Insider Secrets to the NREMT exam
  • Trauma
  • How to master Medical Math
  • How to identify various anatomy points
  • How to manage a Multiple Casualty Incident
  • Cardiology exams and treatment for EMS
  • Thousands of pages of content on A&P, Cardiology, Pharmacology and more.
  • How to administer drugs and why
  • Understanding 15 Lead ECG’s
  • NREMT skills help
  • Videos on a wide variety of EMS topics
  • How to identify sepsis and treat it
  • Dealing with and treating geriatrics
  • Pediatric treatments and tips
  • Utilize over 1600 multiple choice questions for exam practice
  • Access to the EKG Mini Course
  • Cardiology Interactive Modules
  • How to succeed in your EMS career
  • Any time, any place, anywhere…

    Learn at your own pace… in your own environment… at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere you have an Internet connection!

    TM is constantly updated whenever there are new developments, so you’re always getting the most-up-to date information!

    What’s the Investment to Access the Vault?
    As you know, most EMS courses and online CEU cost anywhere from $50 to thousands of dollars per course.
    I could easily justify a monthly membership of $200 – $300 a month for Turbo Medic, but I want everyone to get access, and benefit from it.

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    And when you consider how much time and money you’d waste trying to figure this all out on your own, I think you’ll agree that TM is a wise investment for your EMS Career.

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    That’s right… I take all the risk, because I’m confident that once you’ve experienced the benefits of Turbo Medic, it’ll be your most trusted source of EMS study and training.

    “I enjoyed going through this test, but then again, I like taking tests. It suggested a couple of subjects I need to spend some time refreshing on, which is why I did it in the first place, so I’m pleased with the results.” – L. Wyatt

    “Respiratory Lecture Series is better than TV. Useful information for getting a basic understanding of 12-leads EKG for future paramedic’s and refresher for NREMT paramedic’s.” – J Lowe

    “I am REALLY enjoying these cardiology lectures. This guy is fantastic!!!” – R Woods W

    What Does Your Membership to TM Include?

    When you become a member of Turbo Medic, you’ll receive an INSTANT login to the private, members-only website, where you’ll have unlimited 24/7 access to:

    • The Video Vault, containing more than 50 hours of tutorial and training videos (these numbers grow each month)
    • Pre-done audio training on 30+ different EMS training and study help topics
    • Powerful PC textbooks on many EMS topics with 1000’s of pages and 100’s of images to reference
    • Over 1600 multiple choice questions including self and auto scoring exams. Plus the NRE-SIM software.
    • The EKG study resource that includes ECG strips, ECG guides and videos
    • A carefully selected resource library of other websites and resources tested and proven.
    • Monthly live video Q&A with Jim where you can get help on any topic in EMS
    • Access to the private Facebook group where you can interact with other members.

    Everything you need on an ongoing basis is included in the membership. There are NO heavy books to lug around… NO piles of paper to keep organized… NO complicated software to master. Just the essential content that will keep you fully informed and up to date, to master your EMS Career.

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