Trauma | Kinematics

Kinematics of Trauma: kinematics is the process of predicting injury patterns resulting from the forces and motion of energy. Perform an overall assessment of the scene and the kinematics of the situation.

Energy Principles and Newton’s Laws:

  • Newton’s 1st Law of Motion: a body at rest will stay at rest and a body in motion will stay in motion until acted upon by an equal and opposite force
    • 2nd Principle of physics: Law of Conservation of Energy = energy cannot be created of destroyed. It can change its form. Forms of energy are mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical
  • Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion involves force and the effects of acceleration or deceleration
    • Force = Mass x Acceleration
    • Force = Mass x Deceleration
    • Airbags decrease the decelerating force considerably

Kinetic Energy (KE) refers to an object’s weight and speed, when weight is mass and speed is velocity:
KE = ½ M x V2
Speed is the determining factor in predicting the damage that occurs


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