Trauma | Burn Severity

Burn Severity:

  1. What is the depth of the burn? Superficial (no blister), Partial thickness (blister), Full thickness (all layers, nerve endings destroyed)
  2. What is the extent of the burn? Rule of 9s, or palms
  3. Are critical areas (the face, upper airway, hands, feet, genitalia) involved?
  4. Any other pre-existing medical conditions
  5. Is the patient under 5 or over 55?

Rule of Nines

Minor Moderate Major/Critical
Full-thickness 25% Full-thickness 2-10% Full-thickness involving Hands, Face, Airway, Genitalia
Partial-thickness <15% Partial-thickness 15-25% Full-thickness > 10%
Smoke inhalation

Burns complicated by Fractures

People over 55 or under 5

Children Children Children
Partial-thickness 10-20% Full-thick, part thick, 20%
Hands, Face, Airway, Genitalia


Stop the burning process
prevent further tissue injury
Maintain the airway
Give O2
Provide fluid resuscitation
Provide rapid transport
Provide pain management
Use clean technique
Psychological and emotional support

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