Trauma | Blood

Blood: 3 functions:

  • Transportation: delivers O2 and nutrients, carries away wastes
    • Plasma 55% of blood, fluid with proteins
    • Erythrocytes: Red Blood Cells, most numerous of all blood cells, contains hemoglobin, a proteins that binds to O2
    • Platelets – formed elements that make clots
    • Erythrocytes and Platelets makeup 45% of total blood volume
  • Regulation: buffers regulate pH balance
  • Protection: leukocytes protect body against injury and disease, 1 for every 700 RBCs

Hemocrit: volume % of RBCs in whole blood. Normally 45mL of erythrocytes, 55mL plasma
Men: usually have 45
Women: usually 43
Blood: 8% of total body weight
70kg/154lbs person typically has 5L (5.2 quarts) of blood

Viscosity: blood flows more slowly than water. Viscosity is determined by the ratio of plasma to RBCs, WBC and platelets. The less plasma, the more viscous >> the greater the resistance and more difficulty flowing.

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