Obstetrical Emergencies | Complications

Diabetes: preexisting or gestational
Ectopic pregnancy: can only tell by ultrasound
Supine hypotensive syndrome: lay on the left side to avoid the uterus squashing the inferior vena cava
Preeclampsia: hypertension and fluid retention. Mild 140/90, severe 160/110. Rise in 20/10. Puffiness, excessive weight gain, headache, protein in urine
Eclampsia: seizures. ABC, O2, IV, valium + magnesium sulfate
Pregnancy induced hypertension is 30/15 above normal baseline BP. Consider 140/90 to be hypertensive

Trauma During Pregnancy:
Due to increased HR and lowered BP, vital signs are challenging to make sense of. During trauma, the body will preserve the mom first.

Miscarriage= spontaneous demise of a pregnancy. Collect any tissue/clots to take to hospital
Placenta Previa: abnormal positioning of the placenta over the cervix opening. Profuse, painless bright red bleeding
Risk factors: multiple pregnancies, rapid succession of pregnancies, over 35 yo, previous history of Placenta Previa
Abruptio Placenta: premature detachment of a normally situated placenta. Severe, constant low pain and dark red bleeding
Risk factors: history of preeclampsia, chronic hypertension, multiple pregnancies, previous history of Abruptio Placenta, MVA, cocaine use
Uterine Rupture: occurs most commonly after onset of labor

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