Normal Pregnancy | Obstetrical Emergencies

Normal Pregnancy

Full term – 280 days or 40 weeks
LMP = last menstrual period
Increased Respiratory depth and rate
Total blood volume increases by 40-50%
Resting heart rate increases 10-20 beats per minute
Normal blood pressure drops 10-15 mm Hg
EDC = expected date of confinement = due date of baby

Three trimesters, each about 13 weeks
First trimester: most common time for miscarriages
Second trimester
Third trimester
GPA = Gravida, Para and Miscarriages/Abortions

History of Present Situation:
In addition to SAMPLE information:
Pertinent medical conditions/history
Current health of mother
Recent injuries, illness, fever
Prenatal care
Drug use (baby may need extra resuscitation)

Regarding the current pregnancy
First day of LMP
Delivery date
Previous pregnancies/deliveries? Any complications? Previous C-Section?
When did the contractions start, how far apart? Any other pain/bleeding

Physical Examination –¬†Look for crowning

Position on left side to avoid supine hypotensive syndrome

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