IV Therapy | Part Two – Needles and Catheters


Catheter remains in the vein

Needle facilitates the passage into the vein

3 types:

  • Plastic over hollow needle, needle is pulled out after insertion in vein leaving the catheter in place, gauge measurements 14-26.
  • Plastic catheter through a hollow needle
  • Hollow needle (butterfly)

Gauge Measurements

Gauge measurements 14-26. The smaller the number, the larger the bore.

14-16 gauge for patients in shock, cardiac arrest. 18 minimum for blood/50% dextrose.

Intermittent Infusion Device (Hep Lock/Saline Lock) – short tubing and a clamp, med port and connector useful for a patient who requires venous access but not continuous infusion. Supplies and equipment:

  • IV cannula
  • One or two 3 mL syringes with heparin or saline
  • Intermittent infusion device
  • Tape/securing device
  • Venous blood drawing equipment
  • Antiseptic swab


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