Looking for a rewarding career in healthcare?

Learn How To Become An EMT/Paramedic & Work In Emergency Medical Services

Live online webinar will show you how, including how to get this training for free!
  • Who, What & How? – Just who can and should be an EMT/Paramedic and why it may be the perfect career for you.
  • Training & Costs – Find out how much training you need to break into this career and how to select the right education path. Discover the costs including how you can get your training for Free!
  • Where and When – Learn where to get the best training. The best training options and the differences between various EMS employers.
  • National or Local? – See if national or local certification and training is right for you. Why each has it’s beneifits when it comes to employment and career options.
  • No Experience Necessary – Discover how to obtain employment with no experience and what EMS employers look for in their staff.

Jim Hoffman

Jim Hoffman
Your key presenter with over 25 years as an EMS professional. Jim has worked in all aspects of EMS including NYC 911. He is a well known EMS educator and champion for the EMS industry. As a long time presenter and podcaster Jim brings his real world experience to his training.

All attendees will get theĀ EMS Training ResourcesĀ Report free during the event. This bonus report will give a list of the best EMS study and training resources available online. This will save you hours of time when you begin your EMS training.
This is a $24 bonus


Join Jim Friday January 29th at 2:00PM EST for this live event. This is a one time Premium event so sign up below.