Geriatrics | Overview

Common Problems due to Falling:
Reduced mobility and independence
Poor nutrition due do difficulty preparing food and eating it Difficulty with elimination
Skin abrasions, injuries and circulatory compromise Injuries/trauma from falling
Decreased medical compliance

History of Falls, investigate:
CNS disorders
Impaired vision
Cerebral vascular accidents

Changes in Normal Sensation:
Vision: cataracts are opacities in the lens, Glaucoma is high ocular pressure that can lead to vision loss
Hearing loss: can cause a barrier to proper treatment Speech: physical and metal changes can impair speech Pain perception: things just don’t hurt as much
Continence and Elimination: can be embarrassing and unsanitary

General Assessment: you may be the only person who has seen them in a long time. Take the time to assess their ability to care for themselves and assess their activities of daily living.
Physical Exam: do a full head to toe, like a trauma exam if possible because they may not be able to tell you what’s going on with them.

General Management:
Airway: watch for dentures and other airway obstructions
Circulation: Don’t give too much IV fluids to CHFers
Transport: ask them to move and you help them, so as not to injure fragile bones


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