Communications | Part Three

Oral Report – description of the case given by the EMT to medical direction or receiving hospital.

Standard format:

  • ID# and level of training of provider
  • Description of scene
  • Patient’s age and sex
  • Chief complaint
  • Associated signs and symptoms
  • Pertinent history of present illness
  • Pertinent past medical history, meds, allergies
  • Physical exam findings
    • Level of consciousness
    • Vital signs
    • General appearance, degree of distress
    • Trauma index or Glasgow Coma Scale (15 is normal)
    • Pertinent positives/negatives of physical exam
  • Treatment given so far
  • Response to treatment
  • Advanced life support given or standing orders
  • Orders being requested
  • Name of patient’s physician
  • ETA at hospital

Treatment Orders – directive given to EMT by Medical Direction. Very important to report changes.

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