Communication | Part Six | Run Reports

Information in the run report

  • Dispatch information
    • Location /address, nature of call
    • Priority level
    • Run number
    • Dispatch time
  • Care being provided before arrival – first responders or bystanders
  • Chief Complaint (CC) in the patient’s own words if possible
  • Important Observations
    • Child or elder abuse
    • Presence of suicide note, weapon or drugs
    • Mechanism of injury
    • When information is sensitive, note who provided that information
    • When patient refuses treatment, note all assessment findings
  • Present Medical History note OPQRST as appropriate, also pertinent positives (signs and symptoms which help substantiate or identify the patient’s condition or response to treatment) and negatives (absence of signs and symptoms, or lack of response to treatment)
    • Patient’s behavior
    • Safety related information incl. disposition of weapons
    • Information for crime scene investigators
    • Disposition of valuable personal property
  • Past Medical History: surgeries, hospitalizations, illnesses, injuries, allergies, medications, last oral intake, name of pt’s physician
  • Physical Assessment Findings: how pt found on arrival. Baseline vital signs, level of responsiveness, findings of secondary exam, reassess vital signs
  • Treatment provided: check appropriate box, or describe in narrative section. What was done, who did it and at what time. Note on or off-line medical direction and
  • ID # of physician
  • Response to Treatment: changes both positive and negative
  • Demographic information: Name, age, sex, birthday, address and phone number
  • Use of support services: report all mutual aid services used, helicopter, coroner, extrication
  • Anatomical Figure: note affected areas on the image
  • Run times: record call occurred, dispatch, en route to call, arrival at scene, transfer of care, back in service
  • Run Disposition: note if patient is gone, refuses transport or is handed to another ambulance crew. Note hospital patient went to, and radio or telephone communication with receiving facility or medical direction
  • Signatures: all personnel responsible for the run sign the report, or initial and record ID#

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