Central Nervous System

Central Nervous System

  • Brain
    • Cerebrum
    • Diencephalons
      • Hypothalamus
      • Thalamus
      • Pituitary
    • Brainstem
      • Medulla (heart rate, breathing, vasodilation, vomit, swallow)
      • Pons (sleep, respiration)
      • Midbrain (exit of cranial nerves)
    • Cerebellum
  • Spinal Canal: through the Foramen Magnum down to the 2nd lumbar vertebra, below that it divides into the Cauda Equina








Meninges and CSF: 3 layers cover the brain and spinal cord

  • Dura Mater
  • Arachnoid membrane    \CSF circulates
  • Pia Mater                            /between these

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